“I sleep, but my heart is awake.
I hear my Beloved knocking”
Song 5:2

As my senses sleep,
And my soul strains to hear your stillness,
Light the knocking comes.
Urgent, gentle rapping of soft, insistent echoes
Circle-rippling through the emptiness that
You yourself have hollowed,

Soul-quickening, my heart quivers.
Immobile now, all spent with wanting-waiting;
Stilled my house, my doors securely barred
Against the enemies within, without. To wait and want
I needs must be alone, my altar bared,
Lamp-trimmed, the oil barely flick’ring, the darkness
Secretive , and

Knock louder! Call your need. I am asleep!
My heart is tendril-tiredness bound
Within its empty bed. Call your need –
It is the same as mine, but you are free!
Not free, my Love? Bound too, you who are boundless?
Tho’ limitless, you find me ready. but

Your knocking echo-calls me. Stirs the laden eyes
That sought the knowledge of your face. You have no voice.
Only your soft-tapping tells me that I must open
Not just the cherished, dark-held entrance of my soul,
But all my doors. You will not enter other.
It is a delicate opening, to a delicate lover, as I become
Desirable, and


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