Life’s Journey Experience (30 Day Retreat)

as a month-long retreat

A month of renewal and healing for your life’s journey, opening and building a deeper intimacy with your God.

A Program of Renewal

1. 8 Day Guided Retreatthis retreat draws on particular themes opening the retreatant to the action of grace over the coming weeks.

2. Life’s Healing Journeydrawing on the spirituality of the Heart of Jesus. Any hurtful life experience, or loss, is within the scope of this retreat.
3. Contemplative Directed Retreatdeepening my covenant relationship with God.
As a sabbatical the format of the first two stages is; daily input session; group prayer; daily meeting with Prayer Companion; daily Celebration of Eucharist; Celebration of Reconciliation; Celebration of Anointing (Healing Retreat).
The format for the third stage is; daily meeting with Prayer Companion; and Celebration of Sacraments.

Accompanied by the Retreat Team

Applications close one month before starting date


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