A Special Place of Silence

Please note, St Mary's Towers is a private property and ALL VISITORS to the property including the bush must pre-book their visit. ALL visitors must be Covid vaccinated. Thank you for your understanding at this time.

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St Mary’s Towers, set on 500 hectares of natural bush land, is home to a way of life. In keeping with the charism of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, it is steeped in a spirituality of the heart. This creates a beautiful and peaceful environment with a supportive and praying community for anyone seeking to relax and enjoy communion with God. Our community is motivated and informed by their personal experience of the love of the heart of Jesus and is dedicated to providing a space for people to listen deeply to God in their personal lives and in creation. We treasure the gift of silence and solitude in prayer. We offer a variety of retreat experiences throughout the year as well as day visits for individuals and groups. Retreats can be tailored to individual circumstances. Our Retreat Team is available during retreats and for ongoing direction.

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