Life’s Healing Journey 9 Day Retreat

Open the doors of hurt and let the goodness of God’s light shed new warmth upon your pain.

The Healing Heart

Life’s Healing Journey is a silent retreat, which draws on the Spirituality of the Heart of Jesus. Any hurtful life experience, loss, or painful memory can be healed and transformed through the grace and power of God. There is no hurtful or limiting experience of ours which Jesus has not shared.

The Life’s Healing Journey Retreat is a blend of: daily input session; daily meeting with Prayer Companion; daily Celebration of Eucharist; Celebration of Reconciliation; Celebration of Anointing.

The Life’s Healing Journey retreat begins with the 6.00pm meal on the evening of the first date, followed by a brief introduction and Eucharist. It usually concludes after 2.00pm Eucharist on the last date shown.

Accompanied and Presented by the Retreat Team.



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