Spiritual Accompaniment

Spiritual accompaniment, traditionally known as Spiritual direction, is a way of sharing your faith journey with a companion who listens with you to the true ‘director’, God in your life. In the company of a skilled and trained companion, you learn to discern better the movements of God in your prayer and daily life.

During retreat time, a member of the Retreat Team is available to accompany you, if you so wish. Spiritual accompaniment can also be of benefit when discerning a new direction in life, or dealing with life’s challenges. One of the greatest values of having sharing with a spiritual companion is the opportunity that prayer companionship provides for you to articulate your inner experience to another human being, who, in their attentiveness, provides a mirror for you to see with greater insight and deeper awareness.

While retreats have been cancelled for the time being, members of the Retreat Team remain available for individual spiritual direction by phone or Skype etc.

An integral part of the prayer companion’s ministry is to pray for those who come on retreat and those in direction. The Retreat Team does this daily during retreats and now during this time of change, the Team is praying each day at 12pm for all your intentions.

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