The Longing

Seeking you Lord I enter our prayer-space.
Quietly trusting I’ll find you there;
Sometimes yes, I feel consoled by your touch,
Other times no, I seem to be alone.

When you’re there I truly know in my heart,
Sensing a deep affirming warmth within,
It seems we will never be apart.
And I know I am loved.

When you are away, I miss your touch,
My prayer just seems to wander,
And I enter the day alone,
Hoping still to find you another time.

Faithful still I seek you again,
Yearning for your love in prayer,
Yet finding only dryness and pain.
And I feel I am failing you.

Day after day I faithfully return,
To read your word,
To seek your face,
To feel your comforting embrace.

Until I cry in despair!
How much longer must I wait?
Questioning if you really care.
And I doubt your love.

Then from the depths of my heart,
Wells up my deepest desire,
Tears roll down my cheeks as I say:
All I want to do is love you.

Offering up this desire in our prayer-space,
At last my Lord you are there,
Your warmth again fills my heart.
And I am home.

Through long patience and fidelity,
Lord you have shown your loving care,
In deepening my longing for your touch,
You purified my prayer.

Hand in my hand, good times and bad,
I know now, my friend, you are always there;
When dryness returns, hope will carry me through,
For then, I will remember your love.

Andrew Ballesty 1992


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