Praying with Jesus in the Gospel of St Mark - 8 Day or Weekend, Retreat Team


This retreat encourages you to deepen your prayer with Jesus through the writings of Mark’s gospel. We will begin by immersing ourselves in the story of this gospel as we seek to understand “Who is this Jesus?”

Retreat Program

Evening Introduction - Praying with Jesus

Day 1 Who is Jesus in Mark’s Gospel?

Day 2 Jesus & Wilderness Spirituality

Day 3 Jesus, Man of Compassion

Day 4 Jesus, Liberator

Day 5 Call and Discipleship

Day 6 Jesus, Face of God

Day 7 Relationships in the
          Reign of God

Day 8 Proclaiming Mark’s Gospel

The retreat commences with a 5.30pm welcome and orientation on the first date and concludes with a 1.45pm Eucharist on the final date.


8 nights: 4-12 June $1160

2 nights: 4-6 June $290

For further details and application forms, contact:

The Administrator

St Mary's Towers Retreat Centre

PO Box 19A

Douglas Park 2569

Ph. 02 4630 0233

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