Become Like Water - 6 Day or Prayer Weekend, Fr John Armstrong


At baptism, we are called to enter the living waters which cleanse and renew us. They bring death to the old self that we may discover who we are called to truly be.

This retreat will notice how we are called to be participants in the life of grace by reflecting on the Mysteries of Light and where we notice the waters of baptism welling up within us.

It will begin appropriately at our own baptism and see how this calls us into a deep relationship of faith. It will journey through the wedding at Cana, the meeting with the woman at the well, the Transfiguration and the transformation of life which we meet in thanksgiving at the Eucharist.

It will help us to notice that we are not called to be the castle on the hill overlooking the river of life, we are called in to enter into the stream and notice how we are called to become like water.

There will be a morning reflection each day and the opportunity to share with a spiritual companion.

The retreat commences with a 5.30pm welcome and orientation on the first date and concludes with a 1.45pm Eucharist on the final date.

Cost: 6 nights $870 (Prayer Weekend: $290)

For further details and application forms, contact:

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