8 DAY Residential Retreat "Living a Grateful Life" Michelle Vass (Weekend Option 19-21)


Do not worry about anything; but in every prayer and petition make your requests known to God with thanksgiving, and the peace of God which is beyond all understanding will guard your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus.                                  Phil 4:6-7 

This retreat offers an opportunity to delve deeper into this will of God for you, particularly through the attitude of Gratitude. When we try to become more like Jesus, we sometimes focus on spiritual disciplines or specific prayer practices. Yet if we let him live in us, put on his mind so to speak, we will find ourselves naturally cultivating a more grateful heart – a heart like his. 


Day 1   Jesus lives Gratitude 

Day 2   What is Gratitude? 

Day 3   Psalms of Gratitude 

Day 4   But thanks in all   

Day 5   Count your blessings! 

Day 6   Learning Gratitude from 
             our Spiritual Teachers  

Day 7   Living Gratitude with Jesus 

Day 8   Ps 66 
             A Thanksgiving Reflection  

Note: This retreat will be offered online with a LIVE daily morning talk at 9:00am.

All residential retreats commence 5:30pm on the first date and conclude with a 1.45pm Eucharist on the final date


8 nights: 19-27 November  $1160

Weekend: 2 nights: 19-21 November $290

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Ph. 02 4630 0233

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