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Together We Are Strong

Help me to carry,
I beg and I plead,
My cross is too heavy
Help me…

I look at him, beside me,
All battered and bruised,
As he asks in earnest:
“Help me…

“Help me to carry
The Cross of the Kingdom
As it weighs so heavy
Upon my shoulders.”

I am surprised
And humbled yet,
That he should ask me
So weak that I am!

How can I help?
I ask in dismay
I can’t even carry
My own little cross!

Yours is so big
I’d be crushed by its weight
“But no,” he says,
“Come, just try…

So we link arms
And balance the weight
And somehow, support each other
To carry the cross…

He’s right, you know,
It’s not so heavy
When we work together
When we share the load!

“Don’t despair, little one,
Don’t give up,” he says,
“As you can see,
Together we are strong!”

Trish Coleman

Inspired by Sieger Koder’s
“UNISON” in `A Time to Celebrate — The Folly of God’