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Trinity Icon

The Icon draws me in
Toward the Table
The Trinity waits for me.

Each person is relaxed
Patient in his waiting
They seem to know I’ll come.

Jesus says, “Don’t be afraid.
We welcome you with love
Come sit with us at table.”

I notice his hand –
It points to the cup
And I am afraid.

I know it’s the cup
Of suffering and pain.
He asks me to drink.

I hesitate
I look away
Yet still I am drawn…

Their charism is strong
And irresistible to me
It overrides my fear.

I take another step forward
And sit at their feet
I am ready.

The cup is offered
And I drink
While the Trinity looks on.

It is sweet to the taste!
This surprises me
I had expected bitterness.

But no – it is the sweetest
Most succulent wine
I have ever tasted!

I savour it
And feel a glow.
I am lit up from within.

“This cup will bring you pain
But your suffering will bring life
For it is mixed with mine.”

“Drink deeply,” says Jesus
“Take in my burning love
As we become one…”

“We shall give you a new heart
And put a new spirit in you
This is our promise to you today.”

I stay at the table
Surrounded by love
And the courage it brings me

Trish Coleman