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Com Panis

Com Panis
Eat bread with me.
Let us sustain each other
Both above and below the salt of the earth:
Including all.

Break bread with me.
Let us heal each other
And let our broken-ness nourish us both:
And nurture all.

Ingest bread with me.
Let us grow together,
Gentling the very fibre of the other’s being:
Then tending all.

Talk bread with me.
Let us explore the love
That is manna to us both, each to each:
And reverence all.

Walk bread with me.
Let us go together
To our shared Emmaus and the love revealed:
And cherish all.

Encounter bread with me.
Let us search together
The surprises and delight in our mutual meal:
Thus serving all.

Be bread with me
And I will be bread with you:
Sustenance and healing;
Growth and loving:
Travelling, discovery, joy.
Bread of Life, from the harvest
That is gathered, flailed and threshed,
Kneaded and fashioned, for the loaves
That feed a hungering all.

28 Sept, 2005. Anon.