New! ONLINE 10 WEEKS: Ignatian Exercises in Daily Life: Sr Pauline Compton FDNSC


Are you seeking to deepen your relationship with God? Do you feel there is something missing in your, otherwise, full life? Or are you feeling restless with a sense of unfulfilled purpose in your life? If so, this retreat may be for you!   

The Ignatian Exercises in Daily life offer a wonderful opportunity to grow closer to God and experience a deeper and more intimate prayer life. They offer new ways of praying, discerning, being with Jesus and experiencing the joy of ‘finding God in all things’ which finds expression in our becoming more loving in our everyday life. If you are wondering what to do with your life, this retreat offers help in discovering how God is calling you at this time / stage in your life. 

What Ignatius calls the ‘19th Annotation’, runs for 34 weeks and is called a Retreat in Daily Life. This retreat enables those who are unable to spend 34 days in the solitude of a live-in-retreat to make the Ignatian Exercises in the midst of their everyday lives.   

In these first 10 weeks of this retreat, which comprises the first ‘week’ of the Ignatian Exercises, you are asked to commit to about 45 minutes of prayer each day and meet once a week, online, with Pauline. For those who wish to continue with the remainder of this 19th Annotation Retreat, this will be possible in 2022. 

Presenter: Sr Pauline Compton fdnsc 

Format: 9am Reflection on each Monday of the 10 weeks and 50 minute personal online accompaniment once a week for each participant. 

Option 1 Cost: $700 includes weekly live reflections, prayer material and spiritual accompaniment.

Option 2 Cost: Payment may be made in three instalments

$400 August

$150 October

$150  November

To enquire or register send an email to the Administrator: 

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